The next phase of MatriX-EPS
will include AR

At Pinnacle, we are continually innovating

Our team is involved in leading-edge research and development work, developing the practical application of AR, VR and MR (augmented, virtual and mixed reality) technologies for manufacturing and construction processes.

What are the benefits of using AR, VR and MR in the management of large-scale engineering and construction projects?

Introducing AR, VR or MR capabilities into project management software helps field operators to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work. It can assist in a variety of ways, such as giving them the ability to overlay a design model on fixed objects or automate signalling for expert advice and inspection notices. These technologies can also be used to smooth the process of receiving daily job instructions and doing on-the-go checks and inspections.

We are a consortium partner on a major Innovate UK R&D initiative that aims to transform the UK manufacturing and construction industry, bringing in efficiencies through the application of new and advanced technologies. The AWE (Augmented WorkEr) project is focussed on AR, VR and MR technology solutions, and Pinnacle is responsible for platform middleware research and development.