MatriX-EPS - TECHNI, Chile


TECHNI Incoproin SpA, a Chilean Engineering and Construction company with extensive experience in the construction of highly complex major engineering projects in traditional and renewable power generation including solar, processing and mining industries. Techni, established in 2012, was created by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industrial assembly industry.

Successful collaboration

We were aware of the need to introduce tools that ensure high productivity in the processes associated with the construction of major industrial projects. We searched for a planning, control and traceability system and discovered MatriX-EPS.

By working in partnership with Pinnacle’s experienced project control team and using specific MatriX-EPS tools we have achieved important process improvements in the pre-manufacturing of piping and associated structures; as well as in its assembly phase, tests and commissioning on site. Also, by harnessing Pinnacle’s extensive experience gained in important mega investment projects in Asia and Europe and our extensive technical experience we have helped in improving specific functions for the piping discipline of MatriX-EPS.


ENAP Aconcagua

Among the many experiences in the use of MatriX-EPS, we believe that the most important has been its implementation during our participation in the construction of the ENAP Aconcagua energy cogeneration plant for the National Petroleum Company of Chile; A project of great local importance for the largest petroleum derivatives producing unit, which allowed it to self-generate electricity and supply thermal energy for its refining processes. Through the use of pre-manufacturing spool modules and subsequent assembly and testing, we jointly achieve productivity, efficiency and reliability in assembly; for our direct client and the owner of the plant.

Atacama Solar Plant Project

MatriX-EPS was also used to support the manufacture and assembly of underground pipes in South America’s Atacama Solar Plant project, Chile’s first highly innovative solar-thermal plant.

Why Matrix-EPS?

"MatriX-EPS provides major benefits for labour-intensive projects and unit operations. The system supports industrial manufacturing and assembly, and provides very valuable support to ensure efficient and successful project execution. The system has given us security in terms of project control, quality and planning. Likewise, the level of knowledge to address the requested requirements and to be able to carry out our projects, with the full satisfaction and trust of the client."

Francisco Escobar Figueroa, General Manager, TECHNI